Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exciting News! :]

Today Cash started saying dadadada. Now what is up with that?! I was sure he would say mamamama first. hehe

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Much needed update Plus Halloween Pics

Daddy at the Fall Festival at the church with our little ghost

Cash's friend Kade Jenkins

Cash the Ghost

Doesnt look too happy does he? (He wasnt) hehe


This is what I found this afternoon when Cash woke up from his nap. :]

Yep. He did it all by himself!
(The bottom of the refrigerator)

Now how cute is that!!?

Cash loves his new toy that Miss Dawn gave him! Thanks Dawn!

Isnt he just precious!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smith Family Reunion 2008

Olivia Margaret Smith and Cash

Olivia and Cash playing with Stephanie

Cash and Stetson

Caleb wearing his new big brothers hoodie. hehe

Abby comforting Caleb who had a booboo

Cash Man

Aaron showing me what he was having for snack

Amber and Clayton

Robin and Olivia

Abby, Shanon, Clayton, Ronnie, Jan, Caleb, Wayne and Margaret

Olivia, Robin, Stephanie, Aaron, Wayne and Margaret

Dad and Amber

The Newley Weds
Shanon and Abby Smith

All the kiddos

Aunt Tiffany and Cash

Me posing for the camera

Shanon and Cash

Cash and Clayton having a staring contest

Olivia being her sweet little self

Judy and Cash

Ryan, Holly, Jerrod, Karen, Daryl, Myna Kay, Tiffany, Wayne, Cash and Margaret

Momma feeding Cash

We laughed so hard at this picture. We put him in a mesh laundry basket and twirled him around. He loved it!

Papa and Cash

Momma and Cash

Ryan about to show his stuff on his motorcycle

Wayne and Margaret. The last two of 7 siblings I believe. This year would have been their parents 100 year anniversary. In memory of that, mom made a video of the whole family dating back to who knows when til now. :] Lots of laughing and lots of crying. Everyone really enjoyed it I think. Mom did a great job. We had such a good time visiting with everyone. We missed those who couldnt make it. We had some new additions as well and it was great getting to meet them. A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL. :] (little inside joke)