Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to Cash

Ever since seeing a commercial on TV advertising Chuck E Cheese, Cash had non-stop
talked about wanting his birthday to be there.  Probably for about 2 months he talked about it.  And talked about it and talked about it!  lol  Soooooooo, Chuck E Cheese is where we went.  

Cash with Aunt T

Cash and Momma

We were so excited Creed came all the way from Hobbs NM
to join us!!

Cash's two most favorite people in the world!!  Te'a and Kelton Johnson

Cousins Gavin and Avery

And since Cash is obsessed with Spiderman.......:]

Cash had been asking where Chuck E the mouse was and couldn't wait to see him!!
When he finally came out to greet Cash, it didn't go so well!  lol  Cash wanted NOTHING to do with him!

Poor Chuck E just couldn't understand!

Nope!  Wasn't having any of it!

Wouldn't even put on his birthday crown

Some of the dad's doing what they do best and birthday parties!  lol

Present Time!!!