Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 Years Old!

Cash's Birthday Brownies!
Not really much of a cake eater

Aunt T brought Pop Rocks!! 

Ready to did into the presents!

Choo Choo Train!

Grave Digger Monster Truck


Happy Birthday Cash!

The fist time he has ever blown out his birthday candles!!!  lol

Ashley, Cash, Brenda, and Jamie

Ryan, James, and Tiffany

Before Church

This year we didnt have a big party.  We had Uncle James, Aunt T, Jaime, Ahsley, and Brenda over for some pizza.  Next weekend we will go to Granna and Pop's house and celebrate with them! 

Cash is growing up so fast!!!   It feels like just yesterday we brought him home!  He has brought so much joy into our lives words cannot express. 

Some of Cash's favorite things and facts about Cash:
1.  He loves "working" on the beet, aka jeep, in the garage with his daddy.

Safety is very important.  He always wears his goggles.  And its been cold out lately so he likes to wear his "fluffs" aka gloves.  :]

2.  He loves to take his jeep out for a spin.

3.  TV Shows and Movies: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Finding Nemo, The Toy Story Movies, Thomas the Train, Tom and Jerry (he calls Meow), Chugginton, The Polar Express, Bolt.  AND the list goes on.  He will sit and watch anything with his daddy.

4.  Loves Play-Doh

5.  Likes to shoot his basketball

6.  He will only wear his black hat that says Treasure Hunter on it.  He has others, but wont wear them.  
He also kind of wears it to the side.  lol

7.  Wont wear anything but his sneakers

8.  Lately when I have told him to do something he says, "Momma's turn!"

9.  Will only let momma take him to bed at night.

10.  Loves to take a bath

11.  Goes to Parents Day Out on Tuesday and Thursdays and is doing soooo good!

12.  Hasn't taken a  nap for months now!!!!  He will ever once in a while at PDO.  

13.  Weighs around 23 pounds and wears 18 month clothes.

14.  His best friends are T'ea and Kelton Johnson, Joseph West, Kade and Drew Jenkins, Cademen and Brenden Lawless