Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well the year of 2009 is coming to an end. I am looking forward to what 2010 has in store for me and my family.
Hopes and Wishes for the coming year:
1. To spend more time with God. To get to know Him more.
2. To not take for granted every second I have with Cash. To sit back and take it all in.
3. To spruce up the house a little. Maybe paint some walls, put up some different wall decor. SOMETHING!
4. To start working out AGAIN! I want to be motivated and disciplined to work out!!! :] And eat better!
5. To maybe add a new addition to the family! hehe
(no I am not announcing anything!)
6. To be the best wife and mother I can be.
See Ya Next Year!!!!!


These pictures are out of order. Sorry! The above picture is of Cash and daddy fixing his truck with his new Craftsman tools. Not toy tools, real tools. From Papa! Too funny! He loves them!!!

Cash checking out his rachet set! :]

My boys on their computers. :]

I have been checking out a few blogs that give advice on thrifty decorating and all of them have this. Fruit, or something of the sort, under a cake topper. :] I think its pretty. :]

My Upper Case Living purchase. I love it!!!! Turned out good dont ya think?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Copeland Christmas 2009

This is what we came home to!!!

Opening up presents

Its like a dance pad! Pretty cool!

Gary Sam and Nita Gaye

Gary, Dad, Mom, Nana, Alan, and Gaye

The Clan

Mom and Ganny

Cash, Nana, and Alan
Cash for some reason thought it was pretty funny to jump in at the last minute! Then he would clap and say "yay".

Karen and Jerrod

The Crutchers

Me and Ashley

Mom's pretty table and tree

Playing around

Alan and Ganny

Chatting away

Papa and Cash

Funny story!
The girls had gotten some sour candy spray. Watching them try to get Cash to open his mouth was hilarious! He finally did and had the most aweful look on his face, but he went back for more! hehe

Myncie and Cash

Jamie pushing Cash in his new dump truck from Santa

Sorry yall!!! He just wont smile in ANY pictures!!!

Me and Ganny

Cash and Gary Sam

Ryan carving his first turkey

I dont have as many pics as i hoped. My camera died and we didnt have any batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully everyone who had a camera will send me some more pics!

Friday, December 4, 2009

And some more....

Wreath i made for $9
Was the best i could do with stuff from Levelland Walmart. hehe

Not as good as my friend Dawn's but i like it.

Just cinnamon sticks with a sprig of holly with rope tied around it.
Smells good!

More Christmas Decorations

This is in the china cabinet

I wish you could see how pretty it is with the lights on.
This picture doesnt do it justice really. :[

On the front hallway table

Kitchen counter

Next to the fire place.
Really proud of this one. Found the bells at Dollar Tree

Cant really tell, but its a plain black charger, red ribbon criss crossed with candles on top and brown glittery ornaments. On coffee table (until Cash gets up from his nap! hehe)

Kitchen bar area

In dining room
Too much?

Centerpiece cluster?
Too much? hmmm
Im having a decorating brain fart!!!

Christmas at the Crutchers

We have a Texas Country Themed Tree

Chili peppers and stars

On top of the China Cabinet

Cowboy boots and snow flakes

Needs help, I know

On the table

Tree Topper

Front hallway

On the mantle

Im in the mood to do some revamping some of the decorations. Not wanting to spend a lot of money. Just feel like its the same old thing i do every year. Anyone have any cheap, cute, ideas on Christmas decorations?