Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July Festivities

Love this picture of me and Cash man!!!  Sorry some of the pictures are blurry.  I copied them from the computer and this is how they turned out.  Bummer!

Saturday night we went out to Wild Cat Marina.  They were having hamburgers and hotdogs and the band, Rough Creek, which Papa is apart of, play.  It rained off and on but we all had a good time.  Got to catch up a little with some old classmates and see alot of people i hadnt seen in a while.  Best part was the dancing!!!  :]

Cash had a good time at the little playground and pushing around his jeep (aka beet)

Then we went home to start the fireworks!!!  Here is Cash and Ryan sifting through some of the MANY fireworks we had.

Getting ready for the show!!!

Can you tell he is excited!!!  lol

Aunt T and Cash with Sparklers

James and Brenda with some roman candles

Me and Aunt T with Cash (he was so tired!)


I just loved this picture! 

Then we decided, after the fireworks, we would go ahead with the SURPISE bday party for Jamie! What could be better for the 12 year old to have a party at 12am!!!!  Yes it was midnight but it was fun!!!!!

Watching it rain