Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in Robert Lee

Playing outside
His new favorite toy..... a stick....go figure

Cash's footprints

Watching it rain

This is what RAIN looks like! It smelled soooo gooooood!

Mesmorized by the cat!

Throwing rocks in the rain water bucket
(just the simplest things)

Riding on Ganny's walker
We had a great 3 day weekend in Robert Lee. It rained practically all day on Saturday and a little bit on Sunday. While it wasn't raining, Cash was outside. Picking up rocks, playing with sticks, going up and down the patio stairs (who knows how many times!), chasing the kitty or the puppy dogs, riding the 4 wheeler with daddy, going out to the barn with daddy. Really it doesn't matter what he is doing outside, just as long as he is outside he is great! We went to church on Sunday and Cash man got to go with us and sit with us threw the service. He did great, as long as Papa was there to hold him. :]

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cash Update

Stirring the dog food is a favorite past time Cash has

Playing with Mattie and Bandy

They love each other

Are you being shy?

Gavin this past weekend

This one is for you Nana. Cash loved playing on the piano at Aunt Karen's house!

Cousin Gavin and Cash taking a bath

So cute!!!!

Just playing

Such a big boy!!!

I think he must be calling his Papa :]

Cash, Drew, and Kade putting a puzzle together at the church library.

Monday, May 11, 2009

15 Month Check Up

Today we went to Lubbock to Cash's 15 month check up. Here are his stats.

Height: 27.4 inches < 3 %
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz <3%
Head Cirmcumference: 18 inches 25%

He was supposed to have two shots today but he lucked out for the time being and didnt have to get any. They were out of the chicken pox vaccine so the will probably have to go back in sometime next week to get those shots. Cash started walking a couple of weeks ago. He is always on the go now. He is into everything!

Things he likes to eat:
*fruit cocktail
*nutragrain bars
*scrabbled eggs (sometimes)
*tortillas with ham and cheese
*anything sweet

That is all that comes to mind at the moment, but that is about the extent of it. I still give him baby food because he doesnt eat a wide variety of anything else. He drinks a pediasure everyday and takes a multivitamin everyday so he should be getting all he needs. Just one more thing he does just like his daddy. He is picky and doesnt eat much. :]

Things he loves:
*taking a bath with daddy
*being outside doing anything!
*pushing around his trucks
*rough housing with daddy
*when his daddy comes home from work
* when Mattie plays with him
*pulling mommas hair :]
(he likes to try and rough house with momma like he does daddy, but he hurts momma! daddy just thinks its funny!)
*music (he listens and watches CMT every morning while he drinks his milk)
* to play with the computer keyboard and mouse

Well i guess that is the latest update we have. I have pics to put up but Delane has my camera so until i get it back...........

Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy 8


I was tagged by Dawn and Haylee...

The Rules:

1. Mention the person that tagged you

2. Complete the list of 8's

3. Tag 8 other bloggers

4. Tell them they have been tagged


1. watching Cash grow up

2. expanding our family

3. meeting my future nieces and nephews

4. meeting my new weight goal

5. tuesday nights (workout with the girls at church)

6. growing old with Ryan


8. the news talking about something else other than what a bad economy we have

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Made breakfast for Cash

2. went to church

3. got taken out of church to calm down Cash in the nursery

(he was just tired)

4. went to eat at the Italian restaurant with Jim, Amanda, and Haydn

5. Took a nap

6. Went to church and listened to little kids sing

7. went to Sam and Stacy's 1 year anniversary party at the church

8. Went to Casey's house


1. Be more motivated to work out everyday

2. Spend time with family more

3. Wish i liked to work in the yard

4. Be more adventurous

5. Go to Europe

6. Have my house cleaned with the snap of a finger

7. Find something I could do to bring in some extra $ but not have to go out and SELL something

8. Sing really good


1. Young and The Restless

2. Days of Our Lives

3. The Doctors

4. Dr. Phil

5. Dancing with the Stars

6. The Biggest Loser

7. John and Kate Plus 8

8. What Not To Wear

8 Bloggers That I Tagg

Im not going to tag anyone. Im breaking the rules!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Pics

Jumpin Jungle

Going up the slide

Loving the balloons

In the dog water

in the dog food

in the laundry

Chicken Alfredo

Cash and his friend Kade Jenkins.
Kade loves Cash and he loves to push him around. He is such a good friend!
Love you Kaders!

So Sweet!

Is that not the most precious thing ever!

Fun for Ryan

Ryan and Carlo

Ryan and Casey