Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Festival at FBC 2009

Mommy and my little hunter

Cash dragging daddy to all the different games


Miss Lilly

The big jumper

Haydn Man

The most beautiful bubble bee i have ever seen!

Love him some balloons :]

Love it!!!

playing with some rocks

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A week in Robert Lee

Helping mom repaint the front porch

We took Cash to the street dance to watch Papa play in the band. He loved his glow sticks that we got him!

Ryan and Cash at the street dance

Cash clapping for the band!

The Band
Dad is the far right playing the keyboard

Setting up

Daddy and Cash at the car show at the Street Affair

Visiting good friends. Mrs. Bobbye Allen was my sunday school teacher when i was young. I love her!

4 Generations in front of the Coke County Jail House that they have turned into a museum. My grandmothers dad (Big Papa) and his wife were the last county sherif and his family to live in the jail house.

Tiffany, Ross, and Me
Ross came down for our 10 year class reunion! I hadnt seen him since we graduated! So good to see him and meet his wife!

RLHS Class of 1999
10 Year Reunion
Not a bad little group. We went to eat at Zentner's Daughter.

Uh, yeah, .....not a good time to take pics apparently

The whole gang
Well the ones that could make it
2010 Smith Family Reunion

2nd Generations

1st Generation

Wayne and Margaret
The only two Smith's left out of 7 siblings

We went to the Homecoming pep-rally and this is all Cash wanted to do....Climb up and down the bleachers

They still go all out with the decorations!!!!!

Picking up candy at the parade

The Millican family parked next to us at the parade.

Tiffany and Cash getting ready for the parade to start