Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ryan riding his dirt bike

Cash liked the dirt that Ryan stirred up with the bike :]

Ryan getting ready to ride his dirt bike for the first time in 6 years

He looks soooo cute in his sun glasses but he wont keep them on!

He feel over and just decided to not get back up. :]

Ryan taking Cash on wagon rides around the neighborhood

In the field next to the house

Ryan is working on a friends little four wheeler and Cash loves to help daddy!

Cash sitting on Ryan's dirt bike

Look at those faces!!!! Exactly the same!

Cash jammin out to the music on his piano

If you could only see him shake that booty! Its too cute!

Cash reading

Still not walking on his own

Cash at daddy's work

Ryan and Cash driving Chances jeep

At Dawn's house. (We wouldnt dare put an Aggie flag in our yard!)

Look at those teeth! Sweet boy!

Holding tight to that ball!