Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumkin Patch/Corn Maze

October 19, 2010

At the Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze
The sun was in his eyes   :]

He was so funny!  Totally didnt want to stand by me.  He stayed with his friends and his teachers.  Am I already at the stage where I am embarrassing???????? 

Cash and Cooper
Riding the Cow Train

And there they go!!!!!

Aunt T and Cash
Tiffany is such a great Aunt!!!!

Checking out the chickens and turkey

The kid is obsessed with water!!!!!

The kiddy version of the corn maze. 

Ready for the hay ride!

So cute!  And look at that cotton!  Beautiful!

Is it bad that I made him pick a green pumpkin because thats what I wanted??!  lol  He didn't care.

Friday, October 15, 2010


                                        The only time you may see Cash in his Halloween
                                        Costume.  He is a dirtbike rider!  He HATES the
                                        costume!  Figures

                                        Showing his friend Joseph how to check the tire pressure
                                         on the jeep

                                                          Helping daddy in the garage

                                       At the Harvest Day parade in Brownfield with Gavin
                                        and Avery


Cash and Briar working on Briars jeep

Ag Awareness at Parents Day Out

 And here we go!!!

 Waiting in line to feed the animals

  A baby miniture donkey
soo cute!

 The horse eating out of his hand

                                                             Prairie Dog

                                                                         Baby Chick

                                                                     In the pig pen!

                                                       Checking out the goats

                                                             Feeding the chickens

Yucky BUGS!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Fire Trucks at Parents Day Out

Today the Levelland Fire Department visited the kids at Parents Day Out

Is he not the cutest?  :]

He got to honk the horn!