Sunday, June 28, 2009

What fun we have at Myncie and PaPa's house!!!!!

You migh be a Redneck if........

Playing with the kitty cat

Apparently he was more impressed with the water hose more than the pool. :]

Cool Dude!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Science Spectrum

Going down the slide. He would always want to go down head first. :]

I love this picture.
Rayden and Cash

Rayden telling Cash to jump on in!!!

Casen and Cash at the water table


Casen Jumpin on the trampoline

Pretty nifty

So cute!

Jumpy jumpy jumpy

He loved the drumbs!!!!

Rayden working with the tractor.
He could have done this literally ALL day!

Haylee and Rayden petting the Steers


Sheep and goats

Pooped! Taking a break!

Cash's first pony ride!!!!!

Rayden riding the pony like a pro!

Haylee and Rayden riding the elephant!!!!!

Cash riding Zorro the pony

Today we went to the Science Spectrum for Critter Fest! They had all sorts of things! Snakes, bunnies and lizards etc. We saw Camels, Elephants, Steers, Goats, Sheep. We went on our little adventure with Haylee Potter and her two boys, Rayden and Casen. We had such a good time!!!! I am so excited that Cash is getting old enough to be able to take him to stuff like this and watch him enjoy himself! It was funny, at one point he was turning in circles trying to figure out what he wanted to play with next. There was just so much to choose from! :] I feel so blessed to witness all these little moments! Had fun Haylee! Where to next?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Let Summer Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cash looking on the outside into the park area.

Dawn and Kade at the park

Cash man playing at the park

Casen Potter chasing Cash. Poor guy just wanted to love on Cash but apparently Cash has self boundary issues. :]

Haylee Potter helping Cash go down the slide. WEEEEEE!

Looks like he is about to sneeze!

Cash and Kaders

Cash on the, umm horse?

Cash in his new radio flyer with Mattie.

Me and Cash man with his new Radio Flyer Mini Coupe (present from Mom and Dad.

Mom pushing Cash in his car. He loves that thing!!!!!!

Sittin in the car in the living room watching cartoons. hehe

Driving like a crazy man!!!

Drinking juice in his car.

The new Mini Coupe

Cash splashing the water!!

Splashing in his new pool!!! (like the feet on the side hehe)

He loves the water!!!!

Filling up the pool!

Boys will be boys

Ryan helping Cash man ride Bandy

Cash watching daddy mow the lawn.