Monday, April 13, 2009

The Crutcher Easter Weekend

Cash reading

Reading with Granna

Giving Mattie some lovin

Trying to figure out that darn video game. :]

Play, play, play

What a sweet baby!

I mean.....What a sweet BIG BOY!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

Last night we went over to Haylee and Chance Potter's house to celebrate Chance's 28th birthday. The house was a zoo!!!! So many babies! Cash didnt want to stay inside with all the babies, he wanted to be outside with the big kids and play with the big kid toys. I think you can tell by the pics that he had a great time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

Some Much Needed Updating

Working with Daddy in the garage

Helping Daddy fix the four wheeler

Always by his daddy's side :]

Lovin some bubbles!!!

James and Tiffany entertaining Cash

We wanted to get some pics of Cash in the bluebonnets but everywhere we went there were bees!!! So we had to settle for pics in the front yard. Beginning to not think the overalls were such a good idea. they look so big! hehe

Well we TRIED to get a group pic but couldnt get SOMEONE to ever look at the camera! :]

Before Dixie's Shower
(Look! We Match!)

Cash Man and Aunt Tiffany before the Bridal Shower

On the way down to Robert Lee. I dont know why Tiffany insists on taking pics when I am trying to drive!!!!!!

Cool dude!

fun at the park

He loves the swing!!!!!

He HAS mastered the art of getting up on his bull by himself but the above pic is him trying to get on the bull but using the wrong leg. It cracked me up!!

Look at that determined face!

My Sweet Boy!
I dont think I have mentioned that Cash took his first steps last week!!! Yea Cash Man!!!! He will be taking off before I know it!