Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Fun!

Playing baseball with Myncie

Reading with Ganny

Daddy found a hornie toad

Cash wasn't too sure what to think about that!  lol

Letting him go

Funny story!  We were watching a show on Navy Seal Training and this was what Cash
came up with.  Getting in the bath tub with his work goggles!  Too funny!

His last day of school.  This is his class.  YES  its ALL BOYS!

Running relay races

Skipping.........i think  :]

Kicking the ball


Cashs  biggest fan!  Aunt T!

Playing in their fort!

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At Aunt T's house!

Cash and Momma

Helping out Uncle Sully

I think daddy was having just as much fun!!  lol

Hello kitty kitty

Too cute!

Pool time at the West house!

Joseph West and Cash

Cash and Joseph
Fun on the slide!

Water balloon fight!!!!!!

Axton, Cash  and Joseph

Popcicle Break!

We had so much fun in Joseph's pool we just HAD to have one too!  lol

Kelton, Cash and Te'a

Lunch time!


Can you tell what this is???  Well its about 2000 nuts and bolts and screws and etc...

3 really heavy boxes

Cash helping daddy
I just noticed they matched!!  lol

What was in those 3 boxes

Amanda and Tyler Cox
Creed checking out Cash's jeep

Sweet Avery

Cash, Avery and Gavin

Creed Cox

Gavin trying to be sneeky!  lol

Kelli, Delane and Gavin

Ryan and Tyler setting it up

Greg is supervising  lol

Hard work, hard work

Balloons are so much fun!!!

Wohoo!  Its almost done!

Finished product
Except for the monkey bars....Those we will save for later  lol

Cash is loving it!!!!