Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas in Brownfield

Avery, Gavin and Cash getting their presents

Nanny and Ryan

Decorating sugar cookies!

Playing on the playstation

At Mamma and Pappa's House

Copeland Christmas

Aunt T and me

Mom and I being silly

Mom and I

Aunt T and baby Jadon

I am so glad that Gary Sam and Gaye Gaye could join us!!!

J-Rod and Jadon

Nana and Allan

Im not sure if we had enough presents to go around!!!  lol

Lets open presents!

He gave Cash this most annoying "popper" thing one year.  I told him he would regret that and to just wait until
he had a kid.  Well that time has come!  lol  I was glad to pass it on.

Parents Day Out Christmas Party 2011

Checking out the cookies  lol

The present he made just for me!  I will treasure it forever!


Making Cookies for Santa!

It says that he wants a BIG transformer, a motorcycle and a dirt bike  :]

Christmas Eve

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

Santa didn't get to show up until AFTER midnight!  Someone would NOT go to sleep!  lol

Checking out what Santa left him!

On Christmas Day after we opened present from Santa we went to Brownfield 
to Mamma and Pappa's house to eat lunch.

Emmie and Jan

Robin, Angela, Greg and Delane

Cash actually took this picture!!! And the ones below

Matt handing out presents  :]

Matt made this for Mamma.  Its completely out of Duct Tape!!!  What an artist!

And Cash takes over the camera AGAIN!