Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spiderman Obsession!

Isn't that just the cutest?!?!

Spiderman beating up daddy!

Cash has really been into Spiderman lately so when i saw the costume in his size at Walmart i snatched it up.  Never in a million years did i ever think he would become attached to it!  Last year we drug him to the Fall Festival kicking and screaming because he didn't want to wear his costume!  lol  I paid for it, he was going to wear it!  Well i didnt really know how it would go this year but i figured it would take a lot of convincing.  Boy was I WRONG!  He has worn it almost all week, with the exception of sleeping in it and going to PDO in it.  Lets hope it doesnt fall apart by the time Halloween rolls around!!

First Day of PDO 2011

He is such a big boy!

Showing off his Spiderman Back pack

All the names of the kids in his class

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Colorado August 2011

Our first trail of the trip!  Engineer Pass!

Mine Ruins

Our first stop...  getting out to stretch the legs

Ryan and Cash
I love this picture!!!



Mine Ruins

Made it to the top!  And it was COLD!!!!
Engineer Pass
Elevation 12,800 ft

Papa D (Don Pitts), Ryan and Cash


Its for sale!!!!

Another stop to stretch the legs and look at scenery!

Papa D and Cash Man

Momma Moose!!!!!

Momma moose  (there was a baby with her)

And then we saw daddy moose! 

And now we are headed down the mountain via Cinnamon Pass

Mining Ruins

This was the brothel!

Inside the brothel

He loves jeeping just like his daddy!  This yellow jeep took the Colorado trip with us last year as well!

Ryan just loving life!

Ryan playing frisbee 

with Tyler

Amanda and Creed Cox

Tyler's Jeep

Ryan and Tyler's rigs

Sheep!!!!  I find it kinda funny I am taking pictures of sheep!

Played with the color.  The pictures just don't do it justice!!!  It really is greener and more vibrant than
my pictures were turning out.

This is Black Bear Pass

Looks like glass!  Beautiful!


Tyler and Ryan

Tyler and Creed Cox with Ryan and Cash Crutcher

Black Bear Pass
Elevation 12,840 ft
Cash didn't want to take a picture  

I had to get one with Cash too!

And that would be Telluride

Ryan about to jump out and hang on a wire hanging down!

There he goes!

Tyler's turn!



Coming up on Bridals Veil Waterfall

Looking from the bottom

Ryan and Tyler

Creed Man

Tyler and Ryan going to get a closer look

Cash and Daddy

Cash did NOT want to take a picture!

Cash and Me with Amanda and Creed

Boys and their toys  :]

See the crazy climbers??

Farmer's Market in Telluride

Telluride Film Festival

Black Bear Pass
Yes that is just what we came down. 

A memorial we found on Imogene Pass next to a waterfall.

Ryan looking for gold!  No such luck  :(

Ryan and Holly

Back at the Riverside Inn
Ryan and Paulette

Cash showing Papa D how to play his games on daddy's phone  
These Mine Pictures are actually backwards.  This was at the end of our mine tour

Thought that was so precious!

Old mining cars

The porta-potty!!!!  Basically a mining car with a hole on top that you sit on!!

Demonstrating some mining machinery

Thats DARK!

31 hole pattern   still used today
31 holes drilled 6 ft in to the rock and 6 dynamite in each whole

Sweet Cash

Joe explaining some different mining tools 

Looking up the elevator shaft.  Has to go 600ft to get to the next level

The elevator that could carry 6 men and their drills

Joe demonstrating drills that they used.  Wow it was loud and there was only one drill being used!  Normally there were 30 being used at one time! 

Joe, our Mine Tour Guide
He was a minor himself until the 80's when he retired.  

Going in the mine. It took us 1/3 of a mile in the mountain and in that 1/3 of a mile we gained 8ft in elevation.


Is that not the cutest little miner you have ever seen!!!!

Panning for gold!

Who does this picture look like to you?  lol  I guess Ryan was a miner in his former life!

The Old Hundred Mine

What we rode into the mine in

Cash's hands in the snow!

On the Poughkeepsie Trail

Watching Daddy